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Add value to your real estate savings without worrying about tenants or carrying out a development project on your own.

Real estates recovery is not a lottery.

Invest in real estates with the best way.

Replace your traditional portfolio with a modern one.

You can also benefit from the unique potential of real estates, creating a stable passive income and long-term evaluation.

Here’s what you get 


across of individual properties


guaranteed returns all the time


to an unattainable investments classes

The portfolio consists of rental apartments, apartment buildings or residential projects which we subsequently manage.

The portfolio is not publicly traded, thus providing greater diversification and is protected from possible market volatility.

The return and valuation can vary depends on the program selected. 


Investing money through real estates can reach your goals faster.

This method is a low-risk recovery with a significant degree of stability and a secure return. 

People evaluate their saving with an average yield of 0.87 % per year, mainly because up to 90% of their saving are used for common products.

Money that you save on term accounts, or a current accounts or through regular products will lose value over the time.  The interest generated by such funds will not exceed the level of inflation and your deposit value will actually decrease.

We are different, our portfolio is designed in a way, that you can enjoy higher returns at all times.

See comparisation of common products over the time of 4 years. The figures are showing investment of 2 000 Euro.

See comparisation of common products over the time of 10 years. The figures are showing investment of 1 500 Euro.

We are convinced and we believe that everyone deserves a simpler, more intelligent and reliable way of investing their money. We have created our portfolios in a way that can evaluate your savings several times.

The investment is suitable for all who want to valorise their money without paying any fees; but also for those who want to buy some of our apartments and houses in our projects while saving on mortgages. They are a great part of your plans so you can easily plan your income and future.

6 reasons for evaluation through real estates

Passive income

Real estate generates predictable returns; By purchasing an existing building with tenant, real estate creates a stable passive rental income.

Rent Increase

Real estate allows for a rent increase by increasing individual property values, e.g. reconstruction or modernization.

Increase in value

Unlike money deposited in an account that is subject to inflation and is losing value, real estate is gaining value over time.

Increase in selling price

Revenue can also be achieved by increasing the selling price, through intelligent zoning, development and construction of new homes, renovation of old buildings and renting of vacant buildings.

Low risk

Real estate market failures are much less common than financial or commodity market failures. Why? Because even in the greatest crises people have to live somewhere, while stocks and commodities are sold.


Real estates are primarily for living, for which there is a stable demand. It is therefore no problem to monetize the property whenever it is needed.


The most popular saving option for retirement and children to school.
An excellent choice to save on a mortgage loan.

Frequently asked Questions


Who can invest?

Any person of the age 18 and over can invest.

What is the minimum initial investment?

The minimum initial investment can vary, depends on choosen program. Rentier minimum investment 1 500 Euro. Investor minimum investment 2 000 Euro.

Can I add to my investment later?

Yes. You can invest more from your dashboard, however no additional investment is required.

Do I need a bank account?

Yes you need a bank account where you will receive your returns on investment.

How do I change a bank account?

You can change your bank account via email info@sheabeat.com where we will assist you with any changes.

What are SHEA BEAT’s fees?

We do not charge any transaction fees, sales commissions or additional fees for enabling features on your account, such as dividend reinvestment or auto-invest. There are no hidden fees.

How often are dividends paid out?

Real estate investments typically generate returns on an basis through a reliable cash flow, for example: tenants paying rent. Dividends are typically distributed or reinvested yearly, depending on your preferences (program Rentier or program Investor).

What about taxes?

Taxes are payable in the country of your residence. Please consult your tax professional for further information.

How does SHEA BEAT keep my personal information secure?

SHEA BEAT uses bank-level security for your protection. Each connection to SHEA BEAT is always encrypted over HTTPS with Transport Layer Security (TLS). SHEA BEAT applications and data are physically located in multiple secure data centers.

How do I contact SHEA BEAT?

You can contact us via our Contact us page, via email: info@sheabeat.com, or you can call us on 0421 915 637 348. WhatsApp aplication also available.

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