Looking for better returns? Would you like to save on fees? 

Then stop paying for something you don't use or that doesn't meet your expectations.

You can get better returns through real estates evaluated through the Investor´s portfolio.

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The Investor´s  portfolio allows you to evaluate your savings through real estates, through our bonds from as little as  2,000 Euro.

The added value is that revenue and is generated in two different ways: rental income and income from the sale of real estates.

The Investor portfolio is made up of a diverse combination of rental apartments and real estate projects that are designed to contribute towards water treatment and reduce energy costs. This investment will create an attractive guaranteed annual yield of 6.3% all the time.

Here’s what you get


Diversification through rental properties and real estate projects.

Yield 6.3% p.a.

Guaranteed yield for 4 years, paid on 01.10. after deduction of the relevant tax.

No Fees

The investments with no fees at all time.

Investment from 2,000 Euro

You can upgrade anytime by adding funds to your account.


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