... our story


SHEA BEAT directly associates investor`s finances and invests them in rental properties and real estate projects, which it subsequently owns, implements, manages and rents.

Our clients have established a long-term relationship with us. We have been developing the portfolio for a long period of time in order to satisfy the widest possible spectrum of client`s needs.

SHEA BEAT thus allows people to invest in real estates and become a Rentier or Investor.

We are moving more and more forward, we are inspired by the latest trends and we pay attention to every detail. You may be surprised, but we've gone through this path too. We know what it is like to fight monthly housing costs, what a painful way is to build a passive income and how to look for quality evaluation.

SHEA BEAT has put together a team of industry leaders from many different industries and has done much more - created a brand new category of real estate - Green Island

This is a wonderful oasis of growth for everyone, because everything is in tune and goes with the times.


We want to make it easier for you to live, rent and evaluate as well as to help you save energy, nature and money in your wallet.

That's why we are planning to build several affordable apartments and Green Island's projects - all the interesting places are in the view of our compass.